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XanGo Juice is the premier dietary supplement full of Xanthones, a powerful antioxidant with just 1oz. or 3 oz. of XanGo Juice daily.

Also known as the queen of fruits, Mangosteen contains xanthones, an incredibly potent antioxidant with many health benefits ranging from maintaining a healthy immune system protection to promoting joint flexibility.*

XanGo Juice is a formulation featuring mangosteen whole fruit puree, utilizing all the xanthone-laden components of the fruit. The result is a heavenly delicious beverage that brings a wealth of incredible benefits.

XanGo Juice is the first commercial product to encompass the complete nutrition of the whole mangosteen fruit. XanGo Juice is the new super star of liquid health supplements. XanGo Juice is even being referred to as the most successful food supplement...EVER!

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One Bottle of XanGo Juice

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One Case (4 Bottles) of XanGo Juice

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Xango Singles

One Case of XanGo Singles

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Each bottle of XanGo Juice contains 25 oz. of mangosteen whole-fruit puree with all of the benefits of the xanthone-laden rind, or pericarp.


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